Hello Friends! {Sweeping a little dust off the space}

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Guys - I feel like every time I come over to this little white space - I need to dust it off a bit. I so easily lose track of time and let too much time pass between posts. As an aside my friend & brand designer Becky, over at Salty Anchor Design and I have been behind the scenes pouring so much heart & soul into a little goodness to brighten up and refresh this little space of mine. I have been working like crazy behind the scenes to breathe new life into this space, including the entire website and this small but mighty brand I've built. I'm beginning to be recognized around my area by my branding and Instagram (so weird!) and strangers know me by my blog. It's just so very different and after it happened the first couple times I became a hermit. Afraid to post & let people see my life for what it really is. I'm so transparent over here on the blog; chatting about my life and business and all the struggles openly and honestly. Taking some time away from social media always allows me to rethink and evaluate goals and things in life that are truly important.  After taking some time away and time off - especially after having our exchange student - I really just needed some time.  

I have so much goodness to share with you all for this upcoming Fall Wedding Season. Lots of shoots planned and goodies tucked in.  We plan on launching the new face of Cassandra Dattoli in February and I can't wait for you to see.  Along with the new face and brand refresh I'll be adding floral services as a stand alone service and opening up my workshop and studio to educating new and upcoming wedding planners and florists and selling arrangements via a new shop.  Here's to us big dreamers; may we never stop dreaming and working for the things that light up our life. 


xo xo - C

Cassandra Dattoli Events + Giveaway Details

How do I start this? How about I just have a happy dance! Because that is exactly how I feel right this second! Like dancing! Friday I shared with you the new brand. Now let's take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

I told Becky to throw confetti, glitter, Kate Spade, pink, golds, blacks and whites, bold stripes and lots of happy with lets face it, a dose of hoodrat' into a blender and make me a Cassandra milkshake. Annnnd... this... this is what I got!!

I'm getting choked up, looking at the transformation - at all the changes - at my heart and core poured all over those pink, gold and black pages. Becky, thank you. Thank you for your talent, for you heart, for listening to me. For responding to the hundreds of emails at all hours of the night, for being patient with my technological ignorance, for forgiving my OCD and working with me anyways. Thank you for being so dam awesome. The next time we are on the East coast - I'm totally buying you a beer.

Don't get me wrong, having my plain old site worked just fine and got the job done. But it just wasn't reflecting the true me. It wasn't giving you a true glimpse into my world and into my heart. My clients need to know who they are working with, they need to know what they are getting themselves into, because we spend an impressive and incredible amount of time together.

Oh goodness - having a logo that is truly mine makes me feel so dam good inside. If I told you how many butterflies I looked through, how many times I asked Becky to change her, or recolor her, you'd think I was totally insane, no wait; you'd think Becky was insane for continuing to work with me.

This is so incredible. I feel like something inside me has woken up. I feel so inspired and so ready to move this business and grow. I've been afraid of growth for so long. But growth doesn't have to be scary as long as I stay true to my core and follow my heart. I prayed and prayed for this day - for the courage and strength to take this leap. I prayed for God to show me the way and give me signs I was doing the right thing, and he did; at every step. The investment into a rebrand is literally jaw dropping - I didn't take this road lightly; in fact it's been almost a year in the making - but it's been so so worth it. Soooo let's celebrate!

I'm having giveaways starting today to win some pretty awesome items from Pearls & Pastries, Woodenhive Vintage Silverware,  my new little Shop, Instax, Pease's Candy & Nuts, StarbucksTarget, Project Life, Michaels and Meandmybigideas just to name a few; to celebrate this rebrand and to welcome you all to this happy little place of mine. 


Today's giveaway is over here, featuring a gold sequin hanger from this gal, and some "win it before you can buy it" stationary from yours truly!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this, for visiting this pink and gold space - and you know what? If you leave a comment below you'll be entered into the grand prize drawing for Friday, Sept 26 for the Fuji Instax, Project Life & Filofax giveaway!! Good luck!

(there are no limit to entries, each comment counts as an entry. Winner for the grand prize giveaway will be picked at random from the comments on my blog, Facebook comments, Twitter retweets and Instagram reposts.)

Photos above by the handsome JD Datoli. B/c he says he deserves credit


I've started this post so many times. Each time, it seemed more and more ridiculous. This day is finally here. I feel speechless, yet amazing, exhausted and just fired up! I feel like I. cannot. believe. this. is. actually. happening. Wait, I feel like dancing.  ? IS that my little butterfly that was tattooed on me over 10 years ago? How did this little dream of mine come alive? I feel like I've changed, like my business has finally come into it's place in the world. 

This feels like a breath of fresh air. Like this person I am on the inside finally has a space to play that truly reflects her. It's so incredibly scary putting myself out here for the world to have a glimpse into my heart and to who I truly am. But it also feels absolutely amazing. 

Looky there - at all that pretty. The heart of Cassandra Dattoli Events. The unbelievable amount of support that I've received from family, friends, followers, strangers and my incredible clients has been overwhelming. It makes me incredibly excited for my future and the future of my little business.

Through this incredible journey, I've learned the importance of letting go of perfection and allowing the true me to shine through. My clients deserve that. They are so much more than just a plain white background. They are so much more than a thrown together logo.

I owe so much to so many people - first to my incredibly loving and supportive husband. JD you have shown me so much love and support these last months in every way a husband should. Every time I was near burn out or breakdown you were there. You brought me water, food, the camera, snacks, books, and rubbed my shoulders as I typed so I wouldn't have to leave my desk. You continue to tell me I'm beautiful even though I know you hate the blond hair I've recently changed to and the dark circles from my insomnia and the fact that I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs. You supported this rebrand not only with your time, help and patience but also financially even though you really don't understand the need or the why behind it. To you my old logo and website and business cards worked just fine. Yet, you supported this anyways. I really don't know how I got so dam lucky that you picked me, but I'm sure glad nearly 10 years ago you stopped to ask me if we had any classes together. It was not only the best day of my life - but it drastically altered it. This happy heart of mine is happy because you give me a safe home to live in and loving arms I can always count on. This happy place is simply because of you; I love you with every part of my heart.

To the spectacular and amazingly patient Becky over at RP Design; girlfriend this is it - you survived this crazy Greek and you rocked it for me. Not only did you listen to my thoughts and ideas but you turned them into amazing graphics that are a true reflection of my core. You have given me a new confidence in my brand - and my business. I will forever be grateful to you. 

To the ladies behind the cameras of Doubleshot Artistry, thank you from the bottom of my heart for my new lovely photos and the insanely crazy funny yet beautiful you have worked so tirelessly on the last week. I cannot thank you enough for coming into my home and capturing all this for me. I can't wait to work with you girls again!!



Have you ever just had a happy cry? I totally just did! As Walt Disney says: to all who come to this happy place: Welcome!

Welcome to the new Cassandra Dattoli Events!!


Photography by the lovely ladies of Doubleshot Artistry