In making some final decisions these last couple days on my collateral pieces, I had a bit of an epiphany. The kind where the clouds roll back and the sun shines through and you finally let go of your fears and do it anyways. Along this journey, I found my courage and most importantly; what truly makes my heart skip a beat.

Brand Board. Mood Board. Rebranding.

These are just a sampling of some of my brand elements that we have been working like crazy people to get all pulled together and out the door. Oh some more you say? Why sure!

Branding. Brand Board. Mood Board. Rebranding.

 I started the rebrand journey with every intention of rebranding under just my name - and losing the Events. I felt good about it and was excited. But I wasn't dropping events for me. I have been so insecure and afraid of my business name because of some critical comments I received in my early stages about Cassandra Dattoli Events not being "creative" and "anyone can just use their name for their business."  I'm so over it. It's me. It's who I am. It's my love story and it's the reason I got into this industry. When my clients come to me and shell out cash to have me execute a fabulous day for them, they know what they are getting & who they are working with. I want to be transparent, I want my boutique to be every bit of lively, positive and bold that I am. It's personal, because I am.  I've been wanting to show this beautiful new logo off to the world, well world - wait no more. Sweet, sweet friends: say hello to Callie and the all new Cassandra Dattoli Events logo.


Cassandra Dattoli Events. Logo. Rebrand. Logo. Callie. Beautiful Butterfly. Love. My Heart.


P.S. On perfection: being a perfectionist has it's drawbacks. Like giving your new brand designer a headache with hundreds of emails, questions and revisions; only to come full circle and choose the very first designs she sent you over a month ago. Yupp - that was me. Becky over at RPDesign is simply the best. Seriously - go over and leave her some love, she sure as hell deserves it for putting up with my shenanigans these last months

Thank you for reading this, for being here through this journey - for standing by as I drop little snippits - for your support - thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Becky over at RP, you are simply the best. I love you all so much. There is so so much more to share and soon very soon you all will get a the biggest dose of pretty pink and happy all rolled into a lovely greek Cassandra Dattoli Events milkshake. Stay tuned!

xoxo - Cass