Cold and Sweet Editorial Shoot, with F. Guise Photography

springfield illinois winter theme wedding.jpg

I'm incredibly excited to share this shoot with you today.  It was a cold day in January when we were in our mudruckers and hauling items out into the snow and then covering our tracks with rakes and shovels.  A beautiful dusting of snow had hit Central Illinois and my dear Felicia Geise and I had wanted to do an outdoor shoot at her parents home with a cool and soft winter theme.  Inspired by Pantone's color of the year, Ultraviolet and combining it with some cool and refreshing winter hues - I love how this shoot came together.   Anemones, sweet peas and the lisianthus were all specially sourced just for their day in the cold. The barely-there purple hues in the bouquet are just the sweetest.   

springfield illinois winter wedding bridal bouquet.jpg

The soft touch of lace and those barley pink roses take the cake along with the anemones. 

springfield illinois wedding winter theme.jpg
springfield illinois winter wedding theme.jpg
springfield illinois winter wedding theme2.jpg
springfield illinois winter theme wedding.jpg
springfield illinois florist wedding.jpg

Isn't that floral hoop just the most adorable ? The astilbe poking up on the left side as an asymmetrical touch is my signature look.  I love everything to be balanced and cohesive, but everything asymmetrical just makes me all giddy.  I feel like this whole scene just feels like winter - and trust me shooting that day felt like winter.  Big hugs to Amanda my second in command for helping out on this as well as Licia's sister Cecelia for helping out and holding our bouquet for us.  You guys are simply the best.  

xoxo, Cass


Hello to the new Cassandra Dattoli

cassandra dattoli brand refresh.jpg

Today’s the day! The all new Cassandra Dattoli is live. With an updated portfolio and of course my new offerings of stand-alone florals. To see my new offering click over here and take a look for yourself. Offering stand along florals occurred to me when a past groom asks every year for me to make his bride her bouquet from their wedding. Each year I deliver to her a very close replica of the one I made for her nearly 4 years ago. Of course, may love of flowers helped push me toward this decision as well. I plan on only taking a handful of stand-alone floral weddings - because my clients are truly where my heart is - but adding this service has been discussed and asked for - for quite some time.

It’s been quite a ride - and here we are - saying hello to the new face of my namesake brand. I knew it was time for a little more grown up version when a large publication chose my submission for their Summer release. I reached out to my dear friends to help me use my signature logo and beloved Callie into a bit more of a grown up look. I hope you stay a while, click over to my welcome page and enjoy getting to me a little better and the amazing couples we’ve chosen to be featured here.

cassandra dattoli brand board

Much love friends -


Our Miracle


If you follow me over on social media, then you know what this post is about.  JD has always wanted to be a father; always. He couldn't wait for us to be married so we could officially begin trying to start our family. I think his excitement to have a family came from his small family. JD and I have struggled with conceiving for over five years, including the heartbreak of two miscarriages. I will save our long fertility story for another post. Last year, we decided to host an exchange student that completely changed our view on what we wanted our future to look like. Hosting Nicky - gave us an incredible view and perspective on our own lives and lifestyle and what parenting a teen is like and even teens who are independent require lots of time commitments. Which made us realize having a baby may not be for us; we both work a lot, are dedicated to the gym and covet our hobbies and friendships and love to travel long-distance-for long periods of time.  After Nicky completed his time here with us, we decided our family of just us and our little #ladyfox was enough. We embraced our season of life and the challenges that come along with basically being human. Finally, after all these years of heartbreak and doctors and making difficult decisions on what steps were next - we were finally happy with life together just being us. While I won't go into detail here; we had a hard Summer, and come Fall; we began seeing a marriage counselor and really started seeing each other and our marriage through fresh eyes and with lots of grace. This past wedding season was the busiest I’ve ever been. I closed out the year a week before Thanksgiving and was just exhausted- more exhausted than I have ever been. I retired to my hotel room; took a hot bath - fell asleep in the bath tub - only to wake up hours later dragging myself out of freezing water and straight to bed - still soaking wet. I can’t ever remember feeling as exhausted as I was. I know now; the level of exhaustion I was feeling was because I was nearly 6 weeks pregnant.

We’re pregnant. Just saying that and typing it h e r e , has tears running down my cheeks. There is an incredible little heartbeat that is growing inside me and making me wonder everyday whether he or she will have my green eyes or the blue eyes that stole my heart nearly 14 years ago.


I think it’s incredible that after so much heartbreak; here we are in this place - with a little miracle we never expected - but always hoped for- for so very long - growing in my belly. I’m currently about 16 weeks now. It’s a little later than most people announce their pregnancy; however with our history of heartbreaks - we wanted to be sure before we made the announcement official.

There are so many of my dear friends who are awaiting their miracles and battling heartbreak of not being parents yet. To all of you in that season - I am praying for you and I want you to know your time will come too.

Much love to you all.