Hello Friends! {Sweeping a little dust off the space}

CD working1.jpg

Guys - I feel like every time I come over to this little white space - I need to dust it off a bit. I so easily lose track of time and let too much time pass between posts. As an aside my friend & brand designer Becky, over at Salty Anchor Design and I have been behind the scenes pouring so much heart & soul into a little goodness to brighten up and refresh this little space of mine. I have been working like crazy behind the scenes to breathe new life into this space, including the entire website and this small but mighty brand I've built. I'm beginning to be recognized around my area by my branding and Instagram (so weird!) and strangers know me by my blog. It's just so very different and after it happened the first couple times I became a hermit. Afraid to post & let people see my life for what it really is. I'm so transparent over here on the blog; chatting about my life and business and all the struggles openly and honestly. Taking some time away from social media always allows me to rethink and evaluate goals and things in life that are truly important.  After taking some time away and time off - especially after having our exchange student - I really just needed some time.  

I have so much goodness to share with you all for this upcoming Fall Wedding Season. Lots of shoots planned and goodies tucked in.  We plan on launching the new face of Cassandra Dattoli in February and I can't wait for you to see.  Along with the new face and brand refresh I'll be adding floral services as a stand alone service and opening up my workshop and studio to educating new and upcoming wedding planners and florists and selling arrangements via a new shop.  Here's to us big dreamers; may we never stop dreaming and working for the things that light up our life. 


xo xo - C