Happy Friday ! This week has been crazy around here. Gearing up for wedding season and my first event of 2016.  I'm very excited and can I just say drowning in pretty pink and white blooms. Eek !  

I feel like the first event of any given year is a little nerve racking; the saying in the industry is "if you're not ready by April 1st; you're just not ready" I truly have not had "down" time or slow season at all between the 2015 & 2016 seasons. They have all just blended together. It seems as though since we lost Joe's mom things have picked up and been a little nuts.  Maybe it feels that way for me since I took so much time off to grieve; and to finish the 2015 season as best I could.  I know I haven't talked about that process over here on the blog; but I have a post in the works dedicated solely to that; and I plan to share that with you soon.  Until then; here's a happiest dip dyed hydrangea - that came in the lovely form of a heart - directly from the supplier. May this little dilly - paired with the most handsome foxylilpom - brighten your Friday! 

xo - C