My September 2015 couple recently had their engagement photos with the incredibly talented Matt DeBackere, and I could not resist posting a peek as today's instalove.

These two #worshampartyof2 just make my heart melt. The photos from their amazing engagement session are in and I just could not hold myself back from sharing a little sneak peek into their day with the talented Matt DeBackere. The couple is celebrating their love of sports and their sports driven careers in an outside ceremony full of lush floras, deep purples and soft romantic blue next September. While you feast your eyes on their love, and Matt's rad photo skills, I will be over here sketching up centerpieces that will have footballs and lush florals literally pouring from them. This picture - one of my favorites of all time.

CDE couple captured by Springfield's own Matt DeBackere Photography.



THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!! {Confessions of a Rebrand}


It's Friday and in just one short week the all new Cassandra Dattoli Events will be launching. Wait; did I just say that? Hooray!! Friday September 19, 2014, the all new Cassandra Dattoli Events launches and to celebrate I'm having a little celebration party at our home with a ribbon cutting ceremony. This is really happening! I'm so excited about revealing everything to you all - including a much updated and very pink new website and blog.


I recently stumbled across the word Serendipity. The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, while looking for something entirely unrelated. Serendipity - you have been in the back of my mind and on my heart since I first came across you. When I started the journey to rebrand; I was asked to write my story; and rewrite my story - and write it again and again. The whole point is to condense - and pull out the significant moments - the moments that truly show the path that has led me to where I am now. Well, I found it. The handful of moments that lit the fires that make up my core. The reason I'm here writing in this white space to all of you. The reason I started my business - the reason I rebranded.

 I chose to rebrand, because I was outgrowing the old look. Because the old look and logo got the job done - the website got the job done; but what if this space also made you feel like you knew me, before you actually knew me?  That was my goal when I reached out to Becky at RP Design & Branding. A brand - not just a pretty logo, or fancy collateral pieces - but a brand that people can come to and trust and know what to expect from. When you come into contact with my brand I want you to expect pink happiness bursting with confetti, a dash of glitter and above all else a happy place where love and marriage is celebrated. This rebrand has been so good for me - in a crazy, frustrating, exhausting and hair brained way. But it has also been so incredibly fulfilling & rewarding. I have a core purpose, and I know in my heart of heart's what that is - and what that even means!  I have a mission. I have a business plan. I have a workflow. well kinda ... but I have a brand.  I have a brand that is every piece of my heart and soul and represents who I truly am and what I want my business to represent. There is so much goodness still to share, but here is about half of my branding board that Becky created for me 

top half board.JPG

In condensing my story to fulfill the needs of representing my core I came up with this:

I grew up in Decatur, Illinois, dreaming of the day I would be a State Prosecutor in St. Louis. I'd have a downtown loft with an incredible view of the Arch and send my assistant to pick up my dry cleaning and coffee. We'd sit and discuss the legal issues plaguing our nation and have grown up conversations on capitol punishment and abortion. But as they say, sometimes, on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one. For me, getting lost; was my saving grace. During undergrad I met a blue-eyed Sicilian boy who stole my heart quicker than I could say "objection". Rather than head straight to St. Louis, I followed him and stayed closer to home. Six years later, ten moves, two graduate schools across three states and six months apart while he was at the State Police Academy; on October 20, 2012, we finally made it official in a traditional Greek Ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

 Months after he proposed - it became clear that my heart changed. For as long as I could remember - I  read about, wrote about, studied criminal law and all the "bad stuff" in our humanity - and this wedding planning "stuff" was just the opposite. It lit a fire in me that I don't even know how to describe. It had hit me .. I want to be a part of people's happy moments - whatever this is, I want this. The memories of my mother and I planning get togethers, asking family to bring all white or red or green food containers; picking the napkins, plates, centerpieces and silverware for Thanksgiving and birthdays - it all just made sense.

Sometimes I wonder if God had a big chuckle with me - by putting me in the midst of the awful crimes people commit against each other to this complete opposite world - where love is the center and focus of everything. Love. Love is at my core. Love is my reason.

I'm having giveaways starting tomorrow to win some pretty awesome items from Pearls & Pastries, Woodenhive Vintage Silverware, Instax, Pease's Candy & Nuts, StarbucksTarget, Project Life and Meandmybigideas just to name a few; to celebrate this rebrand and to welcome you all to this happy little place of mine. 

ps. If you read this far down and leave a comment .. you'll be entered into all the giveaways!! 



Hi there sweet friends! Whew! It's been a while since I blogged an Instalove huh? Well! Boy do I have a good one for you today!! Pink, Glitter and Gold Oh my!I  .

Cassandra Dattoli. Planner. Pretty Planner. kikkik.
planner. pretty. glitter. filofax. gold.

Today I'm sharing my new love obsession - my Kikki.K lilac & gold Diary/Time Planner

I know what you're thinking "Cass, you're a Day Designer gal! What happened?" No worries my Day Designer friends - my lovely gold DD still holds my personal & business Calendar.  I just needed more.. a place to truly hold my client's & friendors addresses for surprise mailings, a place for blog notes, to track stats, hashtags, posts & expenses by month and just some other oddball items that I like to keep in one spot. My lovely lilac has become my on-the-go business tool. Toting it from the Court during Court days & home has been so beneficial & helpful in maintaining my blog and seeing the week laid out ahead of me.


This little sidekick of mine is so lovely - in every detail. I do love it so & carry it with me nearly everywhere I go. Head on over to the Kikki.K site and show them some love - today they are having a big sale on some super pretty items that I just adore.

Happy Friday!

xoxo, Cass


This post is my own personal opinion and views and was not sponsored in any way by Kikki.K.