September Goals

September Quote. September. Helen Hunt Jackson. Dahlia. Pretty. Pink flower. Pretty flower.

Where does the time go? I wonder if everyone starts their first monthly post this exact same way? Well instead of telling you how this year is evaporating, I'm just going to get right down to brass tax as they say and tell you that September is one of my favorite months - almost as favorite as October and May!

I truly believe in accountability. I believe that sharing here is the best way to hold myself accountable for my plans. Writing it just for myself? Well If I decide to take a breather; only I will know what I didn't accomplish - So my hope for these monthly goal posts is to have you - my lovely readers - keep me accountable - so here goes!

Healthy Living. It seems I've gotten a bit off track with my health goals lately and I want to get back into routine workouts and eating healthy so  I can be my best self for JD, my family and my wonderful clients.

Organization. I want to focus and make a real effort into cataloging my inventory and organizing all my shop items, and all the business 'stuff" that I have. My tornado-like-tendencies cause the studio and extra bedrooms to turn into "Danger Zones." So this month I'd like to get all that picked up and organized so I can find everything without spending hours looking for it.

Studio Help. I need to spend some time doing some training with those that help me with my events. I want them to be a true reflection of my brand and be able to work without supervision. I want them to "have the vision" with me and for my clients to trust them, so we can function as a better team together.

Love. I want to spend more time loving on my husband this month. I want to spend more face time with friends and family. I want to see my dad more.

Brand & Launch Details. Yes this!!

CDE Friendors.  I want to reach out to the amazing vendors here in Central IL and get acquainted with the talent in this area.

Shoot Details. This - in all it's sparkly, pinkness.

Bridal Expo. Do some major research on this and maybe even get signed up for my first Bridal Show. Woot! Woot!

October SS. There is a top secret-service plan that involves a certain State Trooper unfolding and I hope to share it with all of you very soon, but this is here to keep me accountable!

September is really going to be spectacular. Let's call it Spectacular September; yeah  I kinda like that. I have so much goodness to share - I'm nearly ready to explode with excitement, confetti and just lots and lots of joy.

I'd love to hear your goals! Share below in the comments and let's all keep each other accountable and make it happen!

xoxo - Cass

Amazing photo above by the talented Georgianna Lane & design by yours truly.




WTH: It's almost June.

Wait hold up; It's nearly June. Half the year - down the hatch. I had dreams, goals and big plans and lots of ideas for 2014. What. the. hell. happened? 2014 - where did you go? Did I fall into a cave? A small hole never to be seen again? It certainly wasn't a cave of wanders like Aladdin. (p.s. where can I find one of those caves??) Look at my desk? I can NOT remember the last time it looked like this - ok wait - maybe the day we moved. But this. mess. is craziness!!I have been so wrapped up in our new house and making every square inch picture perfect - that I've lost track of my dreams and goals for my business. Its surviving; but it's not thriving. I have got to get back on track. I have been so busy being "busy" that I've left a lot of back end and important things that drive traffic and let it go by the wayside. Well friends - it ends today. This post - is mostly for myself - because to be accountable - I have to put it on here - I'm starting fresh - I'm starting over. I'm writing my goals down and I'm checking my list, and checking it twice. Sure I have tons of excuses, moving, organizing, OCD syndrome, life changes, watering the new sod (which by the way should be illegal and considered slave labor!) - all are viable excuses for my absence. But really - I think I've been procrastinating the hard work - the real work. I've let fear come into my heart and I settled for the right now. I opened my devotions and prayer journal for the first time in over a month. God's love flooded me and He reminded me of all the things I have planned that doesn't include a high-rise corner office for the next 30 years. My heart has other plans and dammit my heads gonna start listening and making those plans.

2014 - get back - I'm grabbing you and taking you down. I bought Whitney English's year designer and have barely opened it. It's currently sitting beautifully on my desk and I'm diving head first, right this second. Is anyone else looking back on the year and thinking this same thing? We can all use some encouragement and I'd love to encourage you on your journey! Leave a comment below or send me some sugar at 


Happy March!


I just had to post these gorge peonies. What a tease! The winter here has been brutal. These remind me of the bounties a harsh winter like this is sure to bring.

I’ve been under the weather these last couple days & my stomach has been all sorts of weird. As much as we want a little baby D, and wish it was so; no sweet friends; sadly that is not the case. I've had some time away from my PC and have been thinking a lot lately about my dreams and the goals that I need to set and keep in order to reach those dreams and goals. So, I want to start sharing my goals every month, and do a big post on my year goals – (this weekend!) to keep me accountable and hopefully to connect with other goal & OCD list oriented peoples.

Birthday Cards & Orders. In case you aren’t aware – I hand make nearly all the birthday cards, I give to friends and family. (yes, I sell them too!) I love it – it’s a hobby that I picked up back in 2009 that truly brings me relaxation and allows me to be creative and have lots of fun. I have 2 family birthdays this month & I want to get them made and ready to mail out. I also have an order that I need to fill for a girl’s first birthday card, with custom envelope & gift bag that I need to design & create. I also need JD to take some photos of all the cards & gifts; so I can post them in my soon to be shop.

Sweet Surprises!!  Sooo.. one of my goals this year is to send more snail mail - as opposite as this is, from one of my other goals: to recycle more and be more Eco-friendly. I want to get my snail-mail surprises all ready to go for my pen-pals, craft swappers and sweet gals. If you are interested, please contact me! I’m looking for some crafty-gal pen-pal craft-swappers to start a little craft group that swaps each month!

Put Together my MTH 2014 Goals. I have been not-withit this year and haven’t really wrote down my 2014 goals. How can I focus this year, without my lists & goals actually written down. I need to carve time this month, to focus; write down my goals and share them with you all. So you can keep me accountable.

Blogging. I want to blog at least 15 times this month. I want good quality content, that will help you plan a party, but hopefully also inspire you. I have lots of good stuff planned out to post up here, and I think all you sweet `peeps are just gonna love. I want my little blog to be a place I would want to stop by on a daily basis and read; I mean if I didn’t want to read it, why the hell would anyone else want to?

Schedule & Editorial Calendar. Things are picking up around my neck of the woods – and I really need to watch my calendar and scheduling. I need to keep my schedule with me – and consult it before I make commitments. So far this month I have done a good job at this. I also need to spend some time and create an updated blog editorial calendar & stick to it.

Connections. I want to connect with more good people; more talented, creative and inspiring industry professionals. Just the other day, I met a fabulous lady that is talented, creative and so much fun to chat with. We have plans to connect soon and hopefully start a really great collaboration and have fun together.  I want more of that - no wait scratch that - I want ALOT more of that this month!

Clearing the Clutter and Packing the Good Stuff!  Yupp- just that; lots of packing and clearing the junk for the new house. It’s been a lot easier packing this time. I just ask myself “Cassie Mae; do you really want to bring that into your brand new house? And that usually seals the deal. Donate & Trash has been filling up quite quickly.

Home Building Timeline & How I’ve Organized all the Projects. Lots of gals have contacted me on how I’ve kept the projects at the new house organized and what I am using to make decisions. I want to get that up on here and share that.

Branding & Launch Party. I have lots of homework to do still on my new brand as well as figuring out when to launch it. I’d like to combine my launch party with our house-warming party. I’d hate for people to make 2 trips or attend 2 parties for us … I think I’m over-thinking this. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this?

Moving!! My most important goal and most looked-forward to goal!! YAY!! We are moving at the end of the month!! {Happy Dance!!}

I think that pretty much sums it up. I’d really like to know what you lovelies would like to see here on my blog. I’m thinking about doing some revamping on my content – and I’d love to hear what you my sweet readers would like to see on here?

I'd love to hear your goals too, sharing is accountability.

xoxo, Cas

Photography above by the amazing Kate Murphy Photography