September Goals

September Quote. September. Helen Hunt Jackson. Dahlia. Pretty. Pink flower. Pretty flower.

Where does the time go? I wonder if everyone starts their first monthly post this exact same way? Well instead of telling you how this year is evaporating, I'm just going to get right down to brass tax as they say and tell you that September is one of my favorite months - almost as favorite as October and May!

I truly believe in accountability. I believe that sharing here is the best way to hold myself accountable for my plans. Writing it just for myself? Well If I decide to take a breather; only I will know what I didn't accomplish - So my hope for these monthly goal posts is to have you - my lovely readers - keep me accountable - so here goes!

Healthy Living. It seems I've gotten a bit off track with my health goals lately and I want to get back into routine workouts and eating healthy so  I can be my best self for JD, my family and my wonderful clients.

Organization. I want to focus and make a real effort into cataloging my inventory and organizing all my shop items, and all the business 'stuff" that I have. My tornado-like-tendencies cause the studio and extra bedrooms to turn into "Danger Zones." So this month I'd like to get all that picked up and organized so I can find everything without spending hours looking for it.

Studio Help. I need to spend some time doing some training with those that help me with my events. I want them to be a true reflection of my brand and be able to work without supervision. I want them to "have the vision" with me and for my clients to trust them, so we can function as a better team together.

Love. I want to spend more time loving on my husband this month. I want to spend more face time with friends and family. I want to see my dad more.

Brand & Launch Details. Yes this!!

CDE Friendors.  I want to reach out to the amazing vendors here in Central IL and get acquainted with the talent in this area.

Shoot Details. This - in all it's sparkly, pinkness.

Bridal Expo. Do some major research on this and maybe even get signed up for my first Bridal Show. Woot! Woot!

October SS. There is a top secret-service plan that involves a certain State Trooper unfolding and I hope to share it with all of you very soon, but this is here to keep me accountable!

September is really going to be spectacular. Let's call it Spectacular September; yeah  I kinda like that. I have so much goodness to share - I'm nearly ready to explode with excitement, confetti and just lots and lots of joy.

I'd love to hear your goals! Share below in the comments and let's all keep each other accountable and make it happen!

xoxo - Cass

Amazing photo above by the talented Georgianna Lane & design by yours truly.