Twine, Burlap & Mustache Party! {Father's Day 2014}

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers Day

I'm so excited to share with you all the details and images from a little (non-fancy) and Pops inspired surprise burlap and mustache soiree JD and I hosted for my dad - in honor of Fathers Day. I can't tell you how special the photo above to me is - and how great it was to see my dad so happy and excited that all this was for him. All of my brothers couldn't make it - one is a father himself and the other travels like crazy - but in it's smallness - our little soirée was so much fun.  

So without further ado - lets see the staches'!

Fathers Day Setup

I've seen a lot (I mean a lot) of mustache parties over the last year or so - and I wanted that fun, manly element - but I also wanted to keep it toned down and not over do it. I wanted the red and mustaches to be pops and fun elements; rather than be the dominating factor. Plus, with all the mustache accessories you can find these days it's so easy to over do it. I love texture - so I used burlap and kraft paper and accessories to give the details a unique look. The burlap wrapped box holds straws for the sodas, and pens and notecards that were cut for sweet messages to slip in Pops' Mailbox 'O' Love.

Isn't this mailbox just adorable? We each filled out the cards I made and filled his love box up with sweet messages. Pops really loved the idea and was ear to ear grins when he learned he got to take the paper mache' mailbox home, filled with his Fathers day cards.


I wrapped & tied twine around the old milk jars and secured them with chalkboard wine glass charms that I got from My Blessed Farmhouse Etsy shop; you can find them here.

I made the little envelope and tags below, and had each of us write things that we love and appreciate about him.

Don't you just love those goody bags? I sent everyone home with mini checkerboards, chalkboards, Chubby pens, more chalkboard wine tags, and lots of candy goodness.


I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day and thanked the person in your life that plays that special role for you.

xoxo, Cass



Florals, Tablescape and Design by Cassandra Dattoli.


Happy Friday!


If you lovelies are anything like me you love a good dose of confetti, pretty, and sparkle.  Add a dose pretty and happy snail mail and I'm as giddy as a school girl. Today's Instalove is a little peek into my new brand and a little Cassandra love that is going out to all my wonderful 2014 clients, as "happy-to-have you" gifts. I just cannot wait for my couples to get these and hopefully love them as much as I do. Those forks!! I am just smitten with these. I have looked for a long time for forks that I love and these, these hit the nail right on the head! Kerrie at Woodenhive does such an incredible job with these – and having them personalized for couples, in my little opinion makes them so very special.


I don't know about you, but my pretty packaging makes me super happy. That striped ribbon and all that happy confetti – gah! I think putting these together might be one of my favorite things to do. I am planning a little marketing outreach to vendors here in the area as well as you loves afar that I adore. To send some Cassandra Love your way, to connect with you and hopefully give you lots of info about me and my little boutique business. These little boxes of pretty have completely inspired me. I love these so much, I want to send a box to myself and you betcha, I'll be placing an order of forks for JD and I; like ASAP.

Be sure to visit Kerrie on Instagram and check out their amazing silverware line here. Kerrie is offering a 15% discount off her beautiful goodies, until March 21, 2014, with coupon code BlogOffer 15. Happy silverware shopping sweets!

Wishing you all a happy, happy Friday!

xoxo, Cas

 This post was not sponsored in any way by Woodenhive.


Oh hi there pretties!! Today is my husband's favorite holiday - and although yours truly will be spending it alone - I decided that I would do a pretty and quick little tablescape for myself to eat at tonight while my foxy little pom and I greet and treat our little trick or treaters. I started with a fun idea, lots of confetti and pretty glittered gold paper and added lots of stripes. Just because you may live alone or celebrate a holiday alone doesn't mean you can't dress it up and make it fun.


It's so hard to feel like it was actually Halloween around my place until I started decorating and kind of making myself feel like it was Halloween. Once I decided to have some fun all by lonesome - there was no turning back.

2 halloween collage.jpg

Don't you just love those scalloped coasters? I made these with heavy vellum by running it through my printer and then using my scalloped hole punch. I used them here as drink coasters and again on the take home bags and jars of confetti I put together for trick or treaters.

Collage 3 halloween.jpg
4 halloween collage.jpg

It is quite amazing how dressing up your table, even to eat alone can really make a big difference. Or maybe I'm just crazy and love designing and creating a table scape even if its just for one person? Yeah - I think me being crazy is more likely. Foxy lil pom and I were Parisians this year and I wore a silver masquerade mask and he wore a glittered hat adorned with plumed feathers - I dare say he is the cutest lil pom your eye ever did see.


Happy Halloween friends!! With this I leave you to feast on candy and greet these sweet trick or treaters at the door with candy and goodies. xoxo

- Cass