I've decided to dive in - head first and as the running world says "just do it". I'm diving head first into something that has felt so right, for so long. I did it - I bought the rights to the domain name where all my rants, reads, favorites and a little bit a crazy will sit out here in cyber space - for all to see. I bought the rights to dattolievents.com where my blog will sit and the rights to cassandradattolievents.com where my webpage will sit. I also signed onto a professional blogger platform and have started a national planner certification process! YAY!! So I have started my journey into the wedding planning industry. I don't want to say I'm destined - but I am sure dam determined to be an inspiration - no scratch that - to be the hardest working - funnest - most dependable - most supportive - most out-of-the-box thinking planner and coordinator any about-to-be-hitched couple would want to work with! Yes - I think that's it! I have some big ideas up my sleeve and some huge dreams that I have kept buried inside me for far far too long. I've met several potential clients and lots of vendors that are super excited about me officially having an open sign.

I told my best friend last week that I was officially doing it - tax papers - trademarking - the whole works - and her first reaction was "omg, you were born to be a planner." When someone that has known you for so long - drops that on you - you know your doing the right thing. It feels so right, it feels so good. And although I'm not exactly where I want to be right now - I truly believe that someday I will be. It just feels so right - for it not to be.

I leave you with this little photo of us on our wedding night - representing everything I want my new little business to become. A little glam, lots of happiness and so much unconditional love - the kind you close your eyes lean back and just know the person your holding onto has you and won't let you go.

bw joe dipping cass.jpg

With Love -

- Cas