It's our second wedding anniversary and although it  isn't epic by any means I want to celebrate it with all of my heart because it's the small victories that keep you motivated to the finish line.  This year we were both at the card store looking for cards and instead of buying each other a card - we just picked them out laughed a little at the goofiness of it and then decided to exchanged them right there in the card aisle. I want to start a new personal series for my husband because in the blink of an eye time passes and I don't want to ever forget to tell him how much he means to me and how lucky I feel everyday I get to be his wife.

Dear Joe,

Two years ago I stood by your side as we exchanged looks, rings and stefana crowns vowing before God to love each other forever and be true to one another until death do us part.  So much has happened these last two years - and so much more has happened over the last year. I still can't believe that we built our first home.  What's even more shocking is the plans we are making for our second home and the possibilities of starting a family. What shocks me the most is the simple fact that I started my own Company and have business plans for the next two years. You have been so supportive and loving through all these changes and have been incredibly giving; not only with your time and love but also financially. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to call you my best friend over the last 9 years, but more importantly to call you husband, these last two years. I will forever be grateful to fate and the Lord above who brought us together.  Still to this day I can't get enough of your touch and the simple pleasure of holding your hand and having doors opened for me. I hope we stay this way. Walking in the rain sharing your pockets, finishing each other's sentences with clips from Seinfeld, booty dances in the kitchen, singing in the shower and chasing each other while our furry child barks. I hope you continue to complain to me about the flower messes in your perfectly organized garage, tell me to pick up my clothes and makeup from the bathroom and keep asking me how much longer until I'm ready to go. I hope I never get tired of having you wake up on Saturday's to find me in the studio pouring over floral stems, or working by my side during set up and tear down of events and I pray that I never get enough of those ice blue eyes. I love you Joe - with every bit of every part of my heart. Happy Anniversary - Forever and Always

Greek Goddess

A LITTLE LIFE LATELY {Married + Living Together}

Squad Home.jpeg

Oh why; hello there! How wonderful it is to see your beautiful faces!  You didn't really think I had forgotten about you, did you? I thought tonight was a good night to have a late night post - and share a little of life lately. I took some time off, no wait - I took ALOT of time off. There has been so many changes in my life - good changes - soul searching and so many things that I want to share with you all. It has been a crazy time away from blogging and social media. Crazy busy, crazy love-filled, crazy, crazy, crazy. Instead of sharing every moment, I chose to focus on what was right in front of me and truly enjoy the moment and be present with my wonderful clients, our new home and my handsome husband who I absolutely adore. We've moved, brought in all our new appliances and some new electronic gadgets as well as a new straight from the showroom floor-vehicle. (I'll introduce our lovely addition to the family: Hemi: a 2014 Dodge Durango - who has been assigned to haul buckets of blooms to and from up-coming events-over on Instagram tomorrow, follow along here) Lots and lots of changes have been happening. Almost overwhelming - but very very much needed. All your emails, texts, calls, tags, kissey faces and comments with your love, encouragement and support over all these changes has overwhelmed this big Greek heart of mine. I just want to hug each and every one of you. For being happy for me, and us, for being supportive, and for understanding that social media is not my first priority. 

 What's on the other side? Is that picture above – of that sexy squad car sitting in our driveway. If anything were to sum up these last weeks away from the computer: it is just that. My popo is home for good. It's been a long time since we've lived together-try 2.5 years- and I really thought it would be tough getting into the swing of things; but it's like we just picked it right back up. Kind of like a bicycle right? I say love is worth it a lot. It has become my mantra, my motto and truly been my motivation for a while. If you are struggling with something, let me tell you; it is worth is. Looking back, I see it very clearly; all the struggles; the heartache; the tears; the missed birthdays and holidays; it was all worth it - love is worth it. 

I have some really great content planned for the end of April and things are really going to get exciting soon - but for now - I bid you farewell - because this Greek has an addiction to her bathtub; and it's singing my name. Oh wait - thats just the popo in the other room; "hey, it's almost bedtime" How annoying, yet loving & satisfying- that he is here and able to know when I've been in the studio too long - oh friends! My popo is home!! 


An Illinois State Trooper! {ISP Graduation Day}

Oh happy day! There's not much I can say about this day; except eeeeeep!! So - without further ado a proud, proud day.


JD is the last one, last row. In his cadet uniform - this was the Bell Ceremony the day before Graduation.


It was so hard to take photos here with the press there and so many people. But he is in the first row, second from the left.


JD getting his badge pinned on. I wish I had better photos - please please forgive this.


Last, but not least is this goofy pic I snapped mid-sentence.

Oh friends! Pinch me please - we did it. He made it. We are so incredibly blessed and have met so many other amazing new troopers and their beautiful families. Praying for all these new troopers and their families for a safe career.

Much Love,

- Cass