Hello friends and a Happy Wonderful Friday to you!

Hello there Wonderful! Today's instalove – is something I've surely become addicted to. Project Life cards and cards-in-an-instant by meandmybigideas. I keep them everywhere now and leave JD a lovey dovey one for when he gets up. I was really late to the Project Life game – and at first I had no idea what the buzz was about – but now – totally, completely hooked. I've been using them in my journal, my #daydesigner and my new Filofax.



I've learned something about myself this last week - something very important. Having these cards everywhere - especially the important places - like in my Day Designer and Filofax - keeps me motivated. I've seen this brave and strong card so many times - I think I may be starting to believe I am braver than I believe and smarter than I think.


Frankly, I just think they are the best. I know - my schedule today was Ka Razy. But look at those checkmarks! Now that's a world class hustle!

Happy Friday my dear friends - "you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

Love - C

Photo of yours truly, by the ever so handsome Mr. Dattoli.


* In no way was I or Cassandra Dattoli Events, compensated in any way for this post.