Oh sweets! It is official! Joe and I will be living in our own home by April next year!

Building Pic.JPG

We are so super excited! I have always wanted to build. We have looked for so long and at so many houses a home that is truly for us. We really tried hard to fall in love with a home - and two came close. But when we really didn't want to invest the money up-front then tear into a house to change it to make it what we liked and our style. The longer we looked - the more it seemed like building was nearly our only option. Call us picky, call us anal (we passed a gorgeous home because the kitchen sink wasn't undermounted) call it whatever you want. I grew up in constant construction as a daughter of a builder - I don't want to live the rest of my life in it. No matter how comforting saw-dust still smells to me. So we are starting a new chapter in our life and a big new adventure!

Cheers! XOXO - Cas