REFLECTIONS {Greatness Starts with Gratitude}


These last weeks have left my heart heavy and my mind overwhelmed. In our area a tragedy occurred  and as a police-wife; it is so difficult not to put yourself in those same shoes and think "what if?"  It's so easy to be pulled down by our shortcomings and the relationships and items we don't have - so today I'm reflecting on the things I see too many people taking advantage of, and sharing the everyday "it's a given to have" things I tend to forget to be grateful for.

 I'm grateful my husband came home from duty this morning. I'm grateful that just in the other room he is tucked-in tight under the covers. Every night he leaves me and walks down the driveway - could be the last night I ever see him. I'm grateful he hasn't been called away from home to help with the riots. As I sit here typing this today - a very close friend is in my beloved St. Louis is worrying about her husband who is dealing with the riots. My heart just breaks for her and has put my problems into focus.  Friends, whatever your problems are; be grateful for what it is you have; no matter how little it may be. The breath in your lungs is a gift.  Everyday God keeps us here is a gift. We all have so much to be grateful for.

 "In your might you guide them to your sacred home" Ex. 15:13

This is for all our loved ones who put on a uniform and risk giving up the most precious thing of all. This is for the wives, the family members, the children of our heroes, this is for me, and all the sacrifices we as wives and families make every day watching our loved ones walk away and not knowing if they will come home again. This is for all those heroes whose watches have ended too early. Hug your loved ones - hug your pet - tomorrow isn't promised.

- C