Confessions of a Rebrand {Building a Brand}

This year has been so eye opening and so moving and so crazy. Yet at the same time, I feel as if I have a double personality - as if who I am during different times of the day changes - influenced by what type of work I'm doing. My court assignment and my new boutique business. I want to say goodbye to the Court assignment and follow my heart and my dreams and sink every minute and every last dime into this little dream of mine - but let's face it - we all  have bills and they come in like clockwork. Right now isn't the time and that's okay. It's not where I want to be - but it's where I'm at and I know I will be there someday. I opened up my new Restoration Hardware and as always - the first thing I do is read Gary's letter. 

Too often we are asked for the facts, the proof of what happened before, so we can justify with certainty what will happen next. By doing so, we modify our curiosity to focus on reporting the news versus making it. ... We become victims of other people’s thinking instead of discovering and developing our own unique and authentic point of view. ... We are encouraged to turn off the bright light of curiosity to live in the shadows of certainty, reducing our risk of losing, while making certain that winning will never be in our future.
— Gary Friedman

I am curious - and I don't want the past to keep repeating itself - where I am too afraid to take my small business to the next level. I've made the decision to rebrand. To hire the professionals needed to make this happen - I don't know how - I don't know when - It's all so new and very scary - but it's going to happen.

Let's Do This!