PLANNING ADVICE {Submissions!}

Hi there sweet friends! I have been wanting to share this news for so long, simply saying I'm excited to announce this just warms my heart! My inbox lately has been full of potential clients as well as sweet friends from social media asking questions and needing a little bit of guidance. I started my little boutique business because I love planning parties - but of course I started my business to make money. Why does anyone work? But I have learned that so many couples (just as JD & I did) struggle with budgets and having the money to truly afford a wedding planner - yet still have lots of questions and need guidance.

So with that being said I'm so happy to tell you all that I am now accepting submissions! Yay! If you have a planning question, crafting question, if you're in a bind with planning, confused about etiquette rules or just struggling to find ways to tie it all altogether; don't be shy and ask away. I will pick several submissions each week and feature them on my blog.

How it works: email me your question at and I will answer them all as promptly as possible. Please send this information with your question: Your name & whether or not it's ok to publish your first name; your wedding date & location; where you call home and of course anything you think is related to your question. I am so fired up about these, and I can't wait to read your questions! I'll feature my first round of questions beginning on Wednesday February 19.

I can't wait to chat with you !!


- Cas