Cassandra Dattoli is Hiring!

It's time - no wait; it's past time. I need an intern. CDE is growing and picking up faster than I ever imagined this little dream of mine could. I'm looking for an intern/assistant for my 2015 wedding season. Yay!!

office. pretty office

I'm hoping to get an awesome gal in the studio over the next few weeks to start learning the ins and outs and get her up to speed on the Cassandra Dattoli approach and I'm so hoping it's you!!

This position is initially unpaid; but can be used for college credit and has the potential to turn into a part-time paid position. In addition; I'm offering to my new intern if she books a wedding or brings a wedding to the CDE calendar; a monetary bonus; hip hip hooray!! The ideal candidate will be responsible for being in the Cassandra Studio at least once a week with the opportunity to assist on editorial shoots, vendor appointments, fulfilling shop orders, floral prep and design days. There will of course be times when I need help with paperwork, general organizing and inventory related assignments.  I'll be expecting my intern to be able to assist with day of duties for my 2015 events, which has the potential to be paid for each event.. No fears friends; those early wedding day wake up calls; come with some sweet surprises.

If running a small business sounds like it's your cup of tea and you are looking to learn more about event planning and design, please inquire with me, with your resume, general introductory email and a statement of why you feel like you're the best fit for the new Cassandra Dattoli Brand. Email your goodies to me at The deadline is Saturday, November 15th. Because I need my intern close by, you need to live in the Central, Il area to be considered for this position. Oh - and you must love snuggly little foxy puppies, confetti and dare I say it, pink! 

Much love to you all!! xoxo